Community Partnerships That Get Noticed

The Dreambuilders Foundation partners companies across America with well-known athletes on community initiatives benefitting children in need. Since 2010, Dreambuilders and its corporate partners have handed out more than $4 million in grants to schools, after school clubs and other youth organizations for a variety of projects. These include handing out essential items like shoes and winter coats, playground and library renovations and programs that address food insecurity. 

The Partnerships 

In today’s business world, companies need to do more than just stand out. They must be seen as good citizens which invest back into the communities that support them. But it can be challenging getting the public to notice the good work you do. Dreambuilders helps its partners maximize public relations value of community programs by aligning them with well-known athletes who have a similar passion for charity work. 

The Events

Dreambuilders will organize an event with the athlete and kids benefitting from the project to highlight the partnership. The event will be promoted to the local media, and the athlete will speak to his partnership with the corporate partner in making it happen. Check prentations, ribbon cuttings and volunteer opportunities for employees can also be included if desired. 

Dreambuilders has a 12-year track record of executing successful partnerships that garner extensive media coverage for partners like UnitedHealthcare, JCPenney, Albertsons and Cargill. Let us work for your company to breathe new life into the good work you do for others.

Case Studies

Attention-Grabbing Community Events With UnitedHealthcareHunger Relief Programs With 
Albertsons Companies
Athlete Shopping Sprees 
With JCPenney

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