Started by former NFL linebacker Akin Ayodele, Dreambuilders is a 501c3 non-profit that works with athletes across America to help children in need receive the items, opportunities and support they need to achieve their dreams... 

Dreambuilders works hand-in-hand with local schools and organizations to provide disadvantaged children with items and experiences most other kids take for granted. These include items like shoes, backpacks or winter coats, and even school uniforms, sports equipment or birthday and Christmas gifts. But the programs Dreambuilders supports are never “one size fits all.” They are always shaped by the community spirit of each individual athlete. Dreambuilders has organized scholarships, weekend food backpack programs, school food pantries and upgrades to activity spaces like playgrounds and sports fields, where kids can stay active. 

In its first 12 years of existence, Dreambuilders has worked with dozens of athletes and coaches in cities from coast to coast, impacting hundreds of thousands of children in need. Our staff handles all of the legwork required to put each program together, securing all of the funding to make it a reality, and working with the schools and charitable partners to put everything into place.


There are so many needs, it can be difficult to determine the best way to make a positive difference. Should they start their own 501c3? Partner with a community fund? 

The answer is not always the same for every athlete. The best option depends just as much on what type of commitment they want to make as what cause they choose to support. The Dreambuilders Foundation has now made it easy for athletes to create their very own community programs without all of the administrative headaches it takes to set up their own nonprofits. 

Because Dreambuilders is already an established 501c3, there is no administrative work to be done by the athlete. There is no need to set up a board of directors or go through the time and expense of filing legal paperwork to get started. We handle all of those tasks, including bookkeeping and tax and legal filings. 

But unlike a fiscal sponsorship, which would only take care of administrative tasks, Dreambuilders also works with athletes to develop impactful programs they care about, implement a fundraising plan, secure sponsor funding and handle public relations to raise awareness for their programs.

Quite simply, Dreambuilders is the easiest and most rewarding way for athletes to achieve their charitable goals. 


In developing community partnerships with athletes, companies are able to make a big impact on the communities they serve while offering unique volunteer opportunities for their employees and gaining the significant PR value that a well-known athlete can bring to the table.

Dreambuilders has a 12-year track record of executing successful partnerships that garner extensive media coverage for partners like UnitedHealthcare, JCPenney, Albertsons, Giant Eagle and more.

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