Athlete Charity Made Easy

The Dreambuilders Foundation is the easiest and most rewarding way for athletes to achieve their charitable goals. We help you establish your own community brand and make the kind of positive impact you can be proud of, all without the hassle and expense of operating your own public foundation. 

Started in 2009 by former NFL linebacker Akin Ayodele, Dreambuilders is a 501c3 non-profit charity that helps athletes form and operate their own customized charitable programs, giving you the look and feel of having your own foundation without any of the headaches. 

Going beyond simply being a fiscal sponsorship to handle your fund’s administrative tasks , Dreambuilders builds you a customized plan designed to accomplish your goals in the community, helping you develop program you care about, raise funds to support those programs and increase awareness to help your programs grow. Like a fiscal sponsorship, Dreambuilders handles all of the administrative, legal and financial tasks for you so you can focus on helping those in need! 

Athletes We Work With

A Plan Built Just For You

Whether you want to build your own branded charitable fund that uses your celebrity to build public and corporate support for your cause, or do something more understated like run a scholarship fund, Dreambuilders is your ideal solution. 

We have a 13-year track record of developing impactful programs and executing successful fundraising plans to make them a reality. We have secured numerous corporate partnerships for our clients with companies like UnitedHealthcare, JCPenney, Albertsons and many others. We have also planned and executed numerous successful fundraising events over the years, ranging from celebrity dinners to bowing or golf tournaments, as well as online campaigns that have raised big money for programs. 

All donations are fully tax-deductible and are made payable to the name you choose for your fund. The money is held specifically for the causes you select. So if you want the funds you donate or raise to support several different causes, Dreambuilders will distribute them how you choose. 

How We Work

We know how valuable your time is. No matter what goals you have for your community involvement, Dreambuilders works with your schedule to make things convenient and easy for you. 

Let Dreambuilders help you put together an impactful community program that you will be proud of! 

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